Sunday, 14 January 2018

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide

I began to play this game before Christmas.  It has expanded greatly and I expect it will continue to offer new options.  Here is the little guide I am writing for the game;

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide

Sunday, 31 May 2015

My flat mushroom and Happy Home Academy Crew

Lyle:  Oh.  Your flat mushroom?  Really?  You left it on the floor of the first floor main room?   Bit controversial!  My crew?  Thought you were some kind of cutting-edge artist at first...  Realised you're just kind of messy.  Bam.  Penalty for you!  Each item on the floor?  One-point deductiion.  Hoe you understand.  Just how it works.  Ka.  Boom.  Might wanna straighten up a bit for next time.

Your place?  Interior theme?  Way to go!  My team?  Gave you big points.  Big points!  You?  Floored 'em!  Good pieces you got.  Tie together.  Tell a story.  Keep the theme.  Lotsa themed furniture in a room.  Really makes a nice scene.  My crew?  Loved it.  Felt a real... Quirky vibe.  Specifically mentioned your spooky sofa.  And a few other pieces.  Bam.  You wowed 'em.

Iguanadon model.  Worth 1,351 points.  That's a lot!  You're really impressing Ol' Lyle.

Katrina:  A special charm is yours... for only 10,000 Bells.  Are you interested?
Then, to you, I give this...  As long as you wear this special celebration hat all luck will flow the way you wish, i htink...  May you be protected by the stars of Scorpio... Farewell.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Friday, 22 May 2015

Squirrels and their best gifts

Cally:  Birthday is 4 September, the same as mine!

Best gifts:  Green and Formal, dislikes Sporty

Formal and Green Gifts:
  Only outfits

Formal, non Green:
  Includes all Editor Furniture, all Office Furniture and all Writing Furniture

Green, non Formal:
  All Bamboo Items, including Bamboo Wall and Bamboo Flooring

Other Recommended Gifts:

All Card Furniture, all Classic Furniture, all Exotic Furniture, all Gold Furniture, All Gorgeous Furniture, all Gracie Furniture, all Lovely Furniture, all Mermaid Furniture, all Regal Furniture

Poppy: 5 August

Favourite:  Modern and Green, dislikes Crazy


Modern, non-Green
  Includes all Gracie Furniture, all Harvest Furniture, all Chess Items, all Modern Furniture

Green, non-Crazy
  Includes all Green Furniture, all green plants

Other Recommended:
  Aurora Borealis, all Blue Furniture, all Card Furniture, all Cabana Furniture, all Exotic Furniture, Harpsichord, Princess, Ranch, Regal and Rococo



Introduction:  Hi, my name's Julian.  And yes, before you ask, I am a real horse.  Let's get that cleared up first.

  Favourites:  Gorgeous and Aqua
  Includes Golden, Gorgeous, Regal and Rococo

Aqua Items:
  Mermaid, Princess,

Other Recommended:
  Albine, Blue, Cabin, Card, Classic, Egg, Deer Scare, Gracie, Green, Harpsichord, Hinaningyo, all Posts

Ed 16 September

  Crazy, Black, Dislikes Old

  Recommended:  Creepy, Sleek, Sloppy, Shogi Piece, Moon, all Gorgeous, Sword, all Blue, all Cabana, all Card, all Classic, Deer Scare, Flower Table and Chair, all Golden, all Gracie, all Green, Harpsichord, all Mermaid, Mermaid Statue, Merlion

  Fancy, Red, dislikes Sporty
   Card, Flower and Jingles

Fancy, Not Red
  Includes:  Egg, Lovely, Mermaid, Ice, Sweets, Pave

Other Recommended:
  Blue, Classic, Cabana, Daffodil, Deer Scare, Exotic, Golden

Ankha:  22 September
  Old, Yellow, Dislikes Rock

Almost anythng Egyptian obviously:  Phonograph, Pyramid, Throne, Sphinx, Treasure Chest,

Other Recommended: Golden, Regal, Exotic, Ice, Jingle, Harvest, Mouth of Truth, Mermaid, Princess, Ranch, Rococo


  5 April
  Favourites:  Safe and Beige, hates Rock

  Safe, non Beige
  Includes:  Blue, Green, Classic, Ranch,

  Other Recommended:

   Sweets Furniture, Flower Table and Chair, Gorgeous, Golden, Gracie, Ice, Mermaid
  Taiko Drum, all Chess Pieces, Tanuki Wall Clock, Harpsichord, Potted Ivy


Kyle: 6 December:

Rock and Grey, Dislikes Gorgeous

Other Recommended:
   All Pots, Drums, Creepy, Classic, Cabana, Exotic, Ayers Rock, Card, Mermaid, Ranch, Shogi Piece, Ebony Piano, Sitar, Sweets, Tiki Torch, Black Katana, Pagoda, Moon, Mouth of Truth, Asteroid

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Island Items Prices

There are no comprehensive Island price guides anywhere on the internet, including the very good Thonky site, so I thought I would add them as I see them:

Sanshin: 40 Medals

Ukelele: 30 Medals

Mermaid Furniture: 40 Medals each

Cabana Furniture: 40 Medals each

Treasure Chest: 150 Medals

Whirlpool Bath: 70 Medals

Island Kitchen: 30 Medals

Beach Table: 30 Medals

Diver Dan: 60 Medals

Wet Suits: 40 Medals  (Think this is true of all colours)

Straw Hat: 15 Medals

Captain's Hat: 15 Medals

Sailor's Hat: 15 Medals

Wave Breaker: 35 Medals

Life Preserver: 20 Medals

Life Ring: 20 Medals ?

Captain's Hat: 20 Medals

Hibiscus Hairpin: 20 Medals

Tropical Floor: 100 Medals

Assuming that the Tropical Vista costs 100 Medals as well but will confirm.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Where have all the Nintendo Hot Zones gone???

Nintendo has opened the floodgates to rare items that only were available previously in Japan but at the same time, all the Hot Zones that once existed appear to be no more.  I made a rather shameful visit to the local McDonald's in order to obtain a rare item from Nintendo only to find there were NO access points.  I went then to Starbuck's with my daughter only to discover the same sad reality.  At least she bought me a delicious frozen drink they call a frappuccino.  Really lovely but hideously overpriced.

I strongly suggest that Nintendo make these items available instead at our local post offices within our games because fewer and fewer players are playing New Leaf and it is terribly depressing to be offered a rare item one then cannot obtain either for love nor money.  Nintendo always has had my utmost respect for the sturdy game consoles and handheld systems they make as well as the games they produce.  Back in the day, they even made systems that always were 'backwards-compatible' which was even better, because it showed that they knew that their old games were as worthwhile to keep playing as the new ones and moreover, that they weren't using cheap tricks simply to force people to buy a new system.

At the same time that Nintendo is inundating players within the game with announcements of special items available at Hot Zones, ALL of the Hot Zones are gone.  Even Best Buy no longer operates as a Nintendo Hot Spot.  I contacted every single local business that was listed on the official Nintendo site only to discover that this option is DEFUNCT.

How foolish and counterproductive is that???  On the plus side, the announcement that StreetPass would be available for players throughout the world for a week did appear to be true as I received hits from players in the Netherlands and France.  Why limit this to a week though?

Now, however, with the popularity of the 'smart phone' and the 'tablet' and a proliferation of online games, Nintendo is hurting financially.   It is pointless to make rare items available theoretically if you cannot renew your contracts with the places that once offered Hot Zones.  Please do reconsider this strategy one way or another.

Purchases from Villagers

I do not think you increase your friendship level with your Animal Neighbours by purchasing furniture or other items from them.  Often the prices are very inflated as well.  The reason I doubt that friendship increases is because you do not hear the little jangle that accompanies any action that raises friendship.

Why then should you purchase anything that an Animal offers?  First of all, sometimes they offer items from Redd that they purchased 'at the station' from a shifty looking fox.  Those items can be fakes and there is no way to tell before you purchase them but often they are genuine as well.  If you lack the item for your Art Museum, it is worth the gamble to purchase it.

Secondly, if the Animal is selling something that you have not added to your Catalogue yet, it makes sense to purchase it even at an inflated price.

Other than that, I do not think there is much reason to make a purchase that does not benefit you in the least.  Furthermore, there are occasions where the Animal offers the item for sale and, when you refuse, simply will make a gift of it to you.

Good friends randomly give Gifts.

Amelia:  You deserve a reward for putting up with me.  You always stick by me despite, you know, how fussy I can be.  So thanks, Princess.